Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boring Gore

What a wonderful and splendid future the side effects of global warming have to offer shows one of the latest Diesel ad campaigns. Guys like the boring Al Gore seem completely wrong with their negative forecasts.

Rio de Janeiro is underwater but good looking people have still a lot of fun, on their yachts.

In flooded New York there is also nice weather, so that people use the rooftops of the skyscrapers for sunbathing.

Even foggy London became a tropical island.

With so much optimism I don’t wonder that already some new interpretations of this campaign can be found in the web. Like this one by dr4oz.


  1. I like it. Posts predict global warming, the disappearance of the Poles and the scarcity of natural resources, why think that will be bad?.And I hope to continue playing and Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World.

    We must keep the romantic positive spirit..

  2. It don't have to be bad. At least in Rio and in New York the slums have disappeared. There only the rich and beautiful people left. That sounds good. I only wonder, who will do the washing or mixing the coctails.