Saturday, July 11, 2009

Post apocalyptic cities

There are a lot of pictures like these in the web, they are offered as desktop wallpapers. It’s a pity that normally nobody cares about explanations, if they are taken from games, movies or made by some artist.

Anyway I like them, and they provide a good idea of the latest mainstream of the interest in ruins.


  1. They are from the webcomic romantically apocalyptic. Hope I helped!

  2. I'm not sure, because I didn't find them there.
    But you helped a lot, because I didn't know this beautiful page.
    I will make a post with some examples and a link.

  3. Can I use the second pic for my story line in Fallout Online RP? I will not take any credit or anything.

  4. I found these pics on the web without any source, so I haven't any copyright.
    But the web is full with stuff like this.