Monday, July 27, 2009

Life After People

Life After People is a television documentary film shown on History Channel in January 2008. The film shows how animal life and plant life will develop when humans have disappeared. Slogan: Welcome to Earth – Population: 0.

Sure that this is a nice idea. But the really interesting thing is to watch with what a lust civilization is abandoned to decay and destruction in this "documentary". It’s a real satisfaction to see how skyscrapers and famous buildings are coming down, to see how animals and plants reconquer their old space.

The animation is not the best, there are a lot of video games showing better destruction and nicer ruins. I think the real kick is especially provided by the experts and scientists speculating how it will happen. They give the whole "fantastic" thing a kind of realistic background.

The audience liked it a lot, and because of it’s great success there followed a 10-part television series in April 2009.

A 2 minutes promo, but the whole film can be seen in 9 parts on Youtube.

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