Sunday, January 15, 2012

Battle Circle

Here some cover versions of the science fiction trilogy "Battle Circle" by Piers Anthony. The covers are by the British artist Patrick Woodroffe.

In an post-apocalyptic world people settle their conflicts with highly ritualized combat in a so called "battle circle". Each warrior wears as second name the weapon he wields. And so the books are name after their protagonists:

Sos the Rope (1968)

Var the Stick (1972)

Neq the Sword (1975)

It’s good old thrilling action stuff, like those novels were in these times paving the way for the Road Warrior and others to come.

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  1. I read these books several times when I was back in high school, and they helped form my love of the post-apocalyptic genre. I may have to go dig them up again. Thanks for reminding me about them.