Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherry 2000

Few days ago I watched again Cherry 2000, a science fiction film from 1987. It’s one of these post Mad Max productions, mixing road-movie, western and science fiction elements. Despite the lack of ruins – like most of this genre and this time the film is set in the desert to reduce costs – there’s a lot of decadence and decay, which is presented with cutting irony.

Plastic fantastic. I’m sure that even Steven Meisel couldn’t do much better.

Trash and decay

When the beloved female home robot of the yuppie Sam Treadwell is broken, he is looking desperately for a substitute a new Cherry 2000. But it’s the future and Sam has to learn: "In The Year 2017, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find. A Cherry 2000 Is Even Harder."

Sweet Cherry 2000

He is told, that maybe in the lawless wasteland known as "Zone Seven" he can find another Cherry 2000. To go there, he has to hire a tracker, a certain E. Johnson, who turned out to be a woman, played by Melanie Griffith with cherry red hair. It needs the entire film and a lot of adventures until Sam realizes that a real woman could be more attractive than a robot.

Cherry red Melanie Griffith


  1. This is one of the worst films I ever saw. It's dimply dreadful. It was so bad the wife and I couldn't stop watching it after foolishly starting to do so. I'd still say give it a look but expect a whole lot of awful.

  2. It's really not that bad.
    Even if you're watching that post apocalyptic stuff like I do sometimes, there's a lot of films much worse.
    But if you get used to, they got their charm.